Welcome to Kingswear Community Orchard


Welcome to Kingswear Community Orchard Group.  Kingswear is a village on the River Dart in South Devon, opposite Dartmouth.  The orchard is situated at the northeast end of Jubilee Park, at the head of Waterhead Creek.  The land for the orchard was leased to the Group on 22nd January 2020 for 99 years by Kingswear Parish Council.  Our aim is to create and maintain a community orchard for the benefit of local people and wildlife, and also a facility to be enjoyed by visitors to the village.


We took over a disused allotment in October 2018 and our active group of volunteers spent about 500 hours working to convert it into an orchard of 18 fruit trees. We have worked with our local primary school and introduced the pupils to the principles of planting and maintaining an orchard.


We hold working parties in which volunteers can hone their skills at maintaining the orchard as well as learning new skills such as pruning. We also hold social events like the annual wassail in January.


We are actively encouraging flora and fauna to flourish in the orchard and are maintaining a record of all animals and plant species seen in the orchard. If you have any photos of such please put them on our Facebook page.


We welcome new members. Information about joining is on or Membership and Contact page.