December 19 - Six more trees are planted

Posted on 25th July, 2020

Peter Shaw and Alan PayneOn December 12th 2019 the pupils from Kingswear Primary School returned to help plant six more trees. we again had an excellent time with the children, many of whom came for a second time.

These were special trees that had been growing in pots for the last 16 months. Alan and Lucy had grafted some apples in August 2018 using a procedure called chip budding. These trees were now finally ready for planting. Several of the grafts came from trees in the Dartmouth Community Orchard – Johnny Voun, Plympton Pippin, Striped Beef and Plum Vitae.  Peter Shaw, chairman of Dartmouth Community Orchard had kindly agreed to let us take some sample twigs from the trees in the Orchard. We hope to establish a genetic link with the Orchard. Here is a photo of Alan and Peter Shaw selecting suitable twigs for the chip budding. The other two trees were local varieties - Totnes Apple and Ashmead's Kernel which is a classic apple dating from 1700 in the southwest.



We installed a shed later on in December and by January 2020 it was painted sage green. All the grass and wildflower seeds had grown on the bank, so we had a good swathe of green to see in the orchard. We also planted two new trees that had arrived from the nursery - Mirabelle de Nancy, a plum, and Sweetheart cherry.




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