January 2020 - New Year, new tasks

Posted on 25th July, 2020

In January 20 after an enjoyable Christmas break we still had plenty to do- here is the list:

  1. Embed the stony path leading to the shed
  2. Put up a screen in front of shed and prepare earth for planting a mini hedge
  3. Move flag stones to the back of shed
  4. Move compost bin to the back of shed
  5. Chip bank away to gain access round back of shed.
  6. Prepare weedy bare earth patches for sowing new grass
  7. Prepare patch to the right of the gate by the ramp for a quince tree
  8. Weed round hedge plants and trees.
  9. Prepare site for new bench

In February 2020 having prepared the land to the right of the gate, we planted a Quince, Krymsk and a Medlar, Westerveld which gave a total of 18 fruit trees.





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